Rugged. Forged. Ruthless.


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Rugged. Forged. Ruthless.


Rugged. Forged. Ruthless. Made In America.


Rugged. Forged. Ruthless. Made In America. James Garcia founded a clothing brand in 2023. We're more than an apparel company. We're a testament of the true value in working hard, putting food on your table every night, doing what needs to be done. We are Americans, a dirty, hardened and relentless people. We do the job no matter what.

About The Founder: James Garcia
I am a Union Carpenter, a tradesman, a provider, and an American. I am not a carpenter for 8 hours a day, I am a carpenter 24hrs a day, even when I sleep. It's who I am. I'm here building to provide for my family and to build my country. Other people are here for money, money is nice, but I'm here to represent the soul and patriotism of true Americans. This is for the ones that build and secure this country. The dirty, hardened and relentless men and woman who put their feelings aside to do what is necessary so that people can live.



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Los Angeles California -
United States

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